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Mickey & Minnie -Set van 4 - Disney Village by D56 retired 6007177

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  1. Mickey Finishing Touches Figurine - Hoog: 7,5cm
  2. Mickey's Ear Hat Shop - Hoog: 19cm - Inclusief LEDlamp
  3. Minnie's Arabesque Figurine - Hoog: 7,5cm
  4. Minnie's Dance Studio - Hoog: 20cm - Inclusief LEDlamp
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  1. The iconic Mickey Mouse is here to add his flair to his Ear Hats. You can see him add a name in his special gold pen and we know this will be a treasured gift. Made from high quality cast stone before our skilled artists hand paint each intricate detail into place. Is the perfect co-ordinatine figurine with Mickey's Ear Hat Shop
  2. Celebrate the Disney's iconic Mickey Ear Hats in your home with their very own shop| With a light dusting of snow all around, gifts all wrapped and a festive tree dressed, it's beginning to feel like Christmas. The building is illuminated using a USB plug. Each piece in the Disney Village range is hand crafted from high quality ceramic before our skilled artists hand paint every one to ensure all the intricate details are in place.
  3. Minnie Mouse is perfectly captured mid-dance in this little figurine. Hand crafted from high quality cast stone before our skilled artists hand paint each detail. 
  4. Minnie's Dance Studio is the perfect place for anyone wanting to learn. They are ready for the season with their festive decorations and a Nutcracker performance to get you into the Christmas mood. This piece has been hand crafted in high quality ceramic before our skilled artists paint by hand to ensure each detail is captured perfectly. The building is illuminated by a USB plug. Each building in the Disney Village collection is perfect to be displayed either by itself or in a collection to make an eye-catching and magical scene.
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