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Set van 2 Miss Mindy figurines H26cm Candy Queen en Forest Fairy retired

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  • Set van 2 Miss Mindy figurines met verlichting

"Candy Queen" Hoog: 26cm - Decked from crown to gown in scrumptious sweets, the Candy Queen is a sight to behold. This stone resin figurine is handcrafted with exquisite details like peppermint swirls, a magical mouse friend, and a scene of cotton candy trees and a candy house

"Sweet Forest Fairy" Hoog: 26cm - Miss Mindy has a very whimsical and unique take on the world and her design aesthetic is shown in these new magical figurines. The Sweet Forest Fairy tends the blooms of fanciful bouquets. Her wings spread wide and sparkle bright, and never cease to amaze. Handcrafted from stone resin, this figurine is hand-painted with dreamland details, like a unicorn deer and cookie trees. 

Not a toy or children's product. Intended for adults only.

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